Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Almost There

I think I'm getting somewhere here. As always, reader comments have been very helpful. I'm taking to heart Ann Marie's suggestion of more triangles -- I have seriously considered scrapping this version and making one with smaller squares! I pulled myself back from the edge but you never know -- if my current try doesn't work, I'm going for 144 little Squares and half square triangles. On my blog, Tonya wanted a punch of the blue. Yup, that was a good one. I've also added a richer green. This is a balancing act here. Jenny seemed a bit hesitant to suggest quarter square triangles, but that was the comment that really excited me! I'm liking the little pointy-up triangles. I'm also liking the patches with the pointy-down brown triangles. They remind me of flowers, or clusters of leaves reaching up. I think the solution is somewhere in these.


Terri Stegmiller said...

Well whatever you wind up with in the end I know it will be smashing. Just looking at what you have here now is wonderful.

Deborah Boschert said...

144 seems like an insane idea. Make the current pieces work. I love it!

Kristin L said...

Ah, but Deborah, don't forget that I have history with insane little pieces in quilts: