Thursday, November 4, 2010

Personally I Like Purple and Green

Here's a sneak peak my next challenge piece.  I'm finished!

Just kidding.

Amazingly enough, just when Nikki has announced the eggplant/wine/emerald color palette for the next challenge, this is the quilt I am working on.  I started it as a way to play with my very first screen prints from a printing session this summer, and it's far bigger than 12x12.  Although now that I know the palette, maybe I'll work a bit more with these prints.  Hmmmm.   But anyway, as this is certainly not my usual color range, this seemed strangely synchronistic.

I asked Miss C what she thought of the piece in progress.  She gazed at it thoughtfully.  "Purple and green together make me feel nauseated," she said, "and those splotches in that fabric look a bit vomity so that doesn't help ... "  She paused again, then added brightly, "But I like the shapes!" 

It's always good to get an honest critique. 

Undaunted, I am continuing with the machine quilting today. 


Terri Stegmiller said...

Love the critique!!! Perhaps a career direction??? This quilt is looking very good. How serendipitous to be working in these colors right now.

Lynn said...

That critic needed to have a better day..... obviously she was seeing the next day of her previously bad night. LOL
I love the colors and the splotches are fine! Happy sewing.

Terry said...

When I saw this I thought for sure it was Deborah! Are the twelves influencing each other?

Love the shapes too, and the vomity parts are quite lovely! Hee hee!

Brenda Gael Smith said...

It's a lovely piece Diane and the ladder quilting looks great.

PS: Something tells me that Deborah is going to like the new challenge palette too!

PPS: In consideration of Miss C's stomach, we won't invite her to critique the next challenge.

Gerrie said...

I thought it was Deborah's too. Cause we know she will dig this color palette.

JB said...

I also thought it was a posting from Deborah when I saw the floral forms. Ignore your critic :-) and forge ahead. I can hardly wait to see the finished piece.

Diane said...

Gosh, if this looks like Deborah's work to you all, then I must be doing something right! That is very high praise! I'm finishing the piece this weekend -- final pictures will be posted soon!

Kristin L said...

Miss C is the only person I've ever heard who doesn't like teh green/purple combo. Oddly, instead of dismissing it, I'm intrigued by her reaction. That aside, your quilt looks very nice to me (and perhaps even a bit more Kemshall than Boschert to me), and your girl does know her shapes!