Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Colourway Collection So Far

The Twelve by Twelve website has now been updated to showcase the Rusty Colorplay challenge quilts. In addition to checking out the Artist Colorplay Gallery pages for each Twelve, it is instructive to review the Colorplay mosaics so far as we reach the midpoint in this series:
Pink Colourplay   Blue White Black Colourplay
  Pink                                  BlueWhiteBlack
Kilauea Colourplay  Yellow Purple Colourplay
Kilauea                            PurpleYellow
Lorikeet Colourplay   Rusty Colourplay
Lorikeet                                Rusty

I have found that the inspiration and design process is quite different when a colour or palette is your springboard rather than a theme word. As Diane mentioned in her rusty reveal post, a theme word was useful in narrowing down the options and providing focus.  Fortunately we all revel in colour so this new series is keeping us engaged and challenged.


Sandy said...

What an amazing jouney the twelve of you have taken us so far. Your creativity is an inspiration to all of us (me), want a be art quilters. I look forward to seeing what you ladies have up your sleeve for the next round. By the way, love the color palettes you have come up with. Thanks so much for sharing. Love it.

JB said...

You must have read my mind. I remembered that we used to be able to see each artist's contribution to each challenge and was wondering how to find it again. Thanks for updating the link.

kirsty said...

WOW!!! Don't they look so fantastic all together like that? This will be a BEAUTIFUL exhibition!!!

Diane said...

It's always a surprise to see them together -- what a great body of work we've created! Thanks for posting this, Brenda!

Chantel said...

"halfway" already!
really enjoyed the recent challenges, lots of surprises.

Kristin L said...

Looking good! I too find that my process is a little different with the colors than with a word. It's definitely a good exercise for me to approach the challenges from different perspectives.