Friday, April 17, 2009

Identity Tease

When Helen announced the theme of identity, my mind went utterly blank. Self-portrait, collage of my various roles, what will I do? I am a bit in a rush because I leave for the SDA conference on May 22. I need to have my piece wrapped and ready to post. I also did not want to take the easy route that I did last time. So, I am earnestly at work on my piece which may be finished next week because I am having some fun with it.

The tease — it will use complements of colors in an Andy Warhol kind of way. I have hand-dyed some fabrics to give me more of a selection. See the photo above.

Here are some complements that I am considering.

Hope you are not suffering from identity theft and are enjoying this as much as I am.


Kristin L said...

Your color combos look bold and vivacious, just like you!

I was moving along pretty well with my ideas until I started to flesh one out and realized that because of teh self portrait aspect of it, I would have to look at a large picture of my face for a lot longer than I was comfortable with! ;-)

Brenda said...

I love these colours! In passing, I thought about doing an Andy Warholesque set of passport photos but I have other ideas brewing. I don't know about other Twelves but I am noticing overlaps with the community theme - isn't it interesting how notions of identity are impacted by a sense of belonging (or not)?