Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Steps

No pictures today, but I have been giving a lot of consideration to this theme. First, the usual word association:
Identity Theft
Stolen Identity
Mistaken Identity
Secret Identity
Identity Card
Lack of identity
Identity Crisis
Corporate identity (logos, etc.)
Brand identity
Identity Crisis

Hmm, secret identity sounds fun! But I also live and die by my identity card, or more correctly, by my husband's identity card (him being in the military and all). Fingerprints and DNA are unique to each of our identities. Yet, for as singular as one's fingerprint or DNA is, one's identity can be quite multifaceted. Are you one person at home, and a different one at work? Does yet another side come out with close friends? Does one identity (such as being a parent) affect another (such as your pre-familial professional career)? Does the world see a different identity than you see in yourself?

I've been considering this multiplicity and I think I finally have a direction. I keep thinking of Heisenberg's microscope, but that's not quite it. Perceptual bias may be a more accurate term. I don't want to give too much away just yet though...


Helen Conway said...

I understood every word until the last para .... whose microscope?!