Monday, August 18, 2008


I'm not even ready to pull out my sketch book. I'm still considering ideas for my "shelter" piece. I am a bit surprised that everything that comes to my mind is both open and closed. I think of a shelter as something that covers, but doesn't completely enclose. I don't know why I feel that way and I don't think it really fits the official definition, but that's the direction I'm heading for now.

It made me think of this tiny umbrella quilt I made for a collaborative project with my art quilting friends in Maine, the Frayed Edges.

We each picked a snap shot we loved and then we each made a quilt inspired by that snap shot. There are five of us, so that made for 25 small quilts. We mounted them in a grid format with all the quilts inspired by one photo mounted in the rows and all the quilts by each artist in the columns.

The umbrella was inspired by Kathy's snapshot. You can read more about the project on my blog here or on Sarah's blog here.

I created this piece with layers of fabrics and the image printed on Extravorganza.

All my 12x12 pieces thus far have been somewhat abstract. I think it's time for me to mix in some realism. Scary.


nicolette said...

Love your shelter!!

Kristin L said...

Oh, I remember this piece from your blog.

I too have been thinking of lean-to type structures (although nothing is striking my fancy conceptually). Perhaps it would be appropriate to make a LOST (filmed on Oahu) style stranded on a deserted beach sort of shelter quilt....

Terry said...

I love this piece! So simple, so colorful. Perfect.