Monday, August 18, 2008

Grand meetings

I see there is dissension on our fantasy meeting place. Ever the conciliating family lawyer, I have a suggestion. Round the World Tickets are generally cheaper than multi-trips. So, I will buy one and visit Australia to see Brenda and Kirstin. They will buy one and join me on the flight to see Kristin in Hawaii. She buys one and joins us to go to Dianne etc until we get back to my house and I stay and the rest of you follow on to Australia etc until you complete your trip and get home. How's that for a round robin?
Or, we meet on neutral ground. I vote Cape Town.
Meanwhile back to reality - too much work to enable me to even put away my Festival shopping never mind use it. Sigh.


Kristin L said...

Shall we each bring a book page, or post cards to add to along the way so as to make it a fabric Round Robin as well as a travel one? If I was independently wealthy and not looking at being a single parent for the next 12 months I'd be all over your idea Helen!