Sunday, May 18, 2008


I have spent a lovely day working on my water piece. No, I didn't use this photo, although I was tempted to use it as the inspiration for a piece. And I'm done except for finishing the edge. Yay!
After the heat wave we've had over the last several days, today was sunny and warm and just perfect. I worked in my office with the window wide open, curtains blowing gently in the breeze. I listened to back podcasts of "This American Life," which always makes me happy. And I sewed and smiled and had a lovely Sunday.
And then we went out for Mexican food for dinner.
Quite the perfect day.
I hope you're all having fun with your water the date approaches I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is doing!


Deborah said...

My piece is coming along, too. If you enjoy This American Life podcasts, you should download some RadioLab podcasts! They are fantastic. (I'm also a huge fan of Fair Game podcasts. It's like The Daily Show, but on radio.)

Diane said...

You turned me on to Fair Game some time ago, and I LOVE that podcast! I listen to RadioLab too. I keep meaning to hunt around online and see what Faith Saley looks like -- I have an image of her in my mind based on her voice and wonder if I'm close.