Friday, May 16, 2008

Feeling Thirsty

Hi, all --

I have no pictures to share, as I have nothing to photograph yet. Like some of you, I've brainstormed water ideas, and came up with a few I thought about working on --

-- the blue of Lake Tahoe in the summertime, with the bright colors of floaty toys against it

-- a wonderful memory of one early, early morning in Maine when Roger and I went canoing and some loons followed us

-- the elegance of a droplet of water on a flower petal or blade of grass

-- the lack of water (a cactus, desert, etc -- following on the empty chocolate wrapper theme)

-- the different blues and greens of water

But I have ended up rejecting all of these, in favor of something else. I've been in such a fabric slump lately, but settling on an idea and starting to work on it has me excited. That's a good feeling!

And look -- WEEKS to go.


Françoise said...

Oh, no picture! I'm disappointed...