Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Water Ideas

I had an idea early on for my water-themed quilt. Where I live, we tend to have hot, dry summers and it's a job to keep the flower gardens and plant life looking nice. We lost a number of trees this past year because they just don't get enough water. So I had a picture in my mind of me holding a watering can and giving the plants a drink. But...I happened to remember another idea that I've been wanting to do for some time and I thought this would be perfect timing.

I've always wanted to do a mermaid. Mermaids live in/by the water, so that sets the scene. I enjoy seeing artwork with mermaids as a focal element and knew at some point I'd do one. So I got to sketching and you can sort of see what my preliminary sketch looks like here.

mermaid sketch
I also tested a couple of different colors of fabric dye/paint so I could see which color I preferred for using as her skin.


Gerrie said...

What a great idea - love it.

Kristin L said...

"Water" is a great excuse to paint a mermaid. i can't wait to see her finished.