Sunday, April 3, 2011

Warped mind

You've seen the other pretty pictures of chartreuse things by fellow Twelves have been posting. Me?
this is my inspiration this time around.
I do worry about my mind sometimes.
But I have been thinking about chartreuse things - see my pretty new dress?
And yes, we have bought carpet since this photo was taken and I did take the price label off before I actually wore it!


Diane said...

I'm not sure WEARING chartreuse while sewing fits the challenge, no matter how pretty your dress is. Perhaps we'll see green rifles?

Kristin L said...

Very nice (the dress). I love a green dress on a redhead. The pop gun -- well, now you've piqued my interest. How, oh how, has Helen pulled guns and chartreuse together?

Karen said...

I'm not worried about your mind, I'm sure this will be brilliant