Thursday, December 10, 2009


I'm finishing up my pink piece and I've been thinking about the reveal tomorrow. I think it's been more challenging than I anticipated to switch from the concept of a word for our theme to a color for the theme.

Since a lot of my work is abstract, it may have been easier for me to just yank out a bunch of my pink fabrics and put together a composition. (Ahem. That's exactly what I did.)But, I have a prediction...

I imagine that some of the other twelves will reveal quilts that are inspired by the meanings, implications and symbols associated with the color pink. I know Gerrie was working on a quilt inspired by a building known as "Big Pink." So, is that an embrace of the color or the meaning? Or both? It doesn't really matter since I think she's revised since then.

Will we see quilts about breasts or breast cancer? Will there be quilts commenting on femininity? Is someone getting a pink slip? (I hope not.) Are there some cute baby girl items being sewn on quilts? Does pink still make people ponder homosexuality?

Obviously, these ideas all run together. It's impossible to say exactly where inspiration comes from and what it means. Diane wrote a post asking about our aversions to pink and why it seems many of the Twelves grumbled a bit at the color (including me). After pondering a bit, I concluded that there are not too many colors that carry so much symbolism. (I think black is heavy also -- evil, darkness, grief, etc. And green certainly has gained a lot of symbolism lately.) Considering all the "baggage" that comes up with pink, I am so eager to see how it's represented -- or nor -- in our first reveal of the ColorPlay Series!

See you tomorrow! I'll be the one with the pink quilt.

**That picture above is my very small collection of pink fabrics. It's squeezed in with the oranges and the purples. Luckily it doesn't take much yardage to create a 12x12" art quilt.


Gerrie said...

I hope there will be some pink!! Lots of pink! A really good color when we are in the bleak midwinter.

Kristin L said...

Deborah, I predict that your predictions are right on. And Gerrie, it appears that you've warmed up to pink! :-)

Diane said...

Tentatively, slightly GOOD feelings about pink???? My work here is done.
(Contented sigh.)

Diane said...

By the way, the pink fabric on my sewing table remaining after I finished my 12x12 piece led me to make a Christmas present for a family member with the remainders. I can't share it on my blog until after Christmas, dang it, but it involves someone's dog and a heck of a lot of pink. I'm feeling very pleased with myself!

Terry said...

I have warmed up to pink--a little. My piece is pink in color with a (maybe) unexpected meaning of pink included. Can't wait to see what everyone has done with this!