Monday, February 2, 2009


I am still absorbing all the fantastic chair quilts and I'm so amazed and inspired! I am thrilled that you took my theme and created so many different pieces of art. Be sure to check out the "friends of twelve" listed on the lower right side bar. Both Joanne and Lisa have posted their chair quilts.

I was stunned by the similarities between my chair quilt and Joanne's chair quilt. Joanne is a good friend of mine so maybe we were subconsciously using similar elements and sending each other creative vibes.

Here is a detail of my "She Sits to Dream."
And here is Joanne's chair.Isn't it interesting how we both used a layered collage style? We set those stark chairs on bright fabrics and then we did some hand stitching around the interior border.

Joanne lives in Maine and I live in Texas, but I sure wish we could sit down together in our chairs and share a cuppa and some embroidery!


Brenda said...

And there are similarities between my chairs quilts and the linear elements and use of colour in Lisa's chair quilt. It's great that we have others joining in the challenge fun.

Kristin L said...

It's neat to see what themes or techniques are "universal" or resonate with more people. I wouldn't say that your chair and Joanne's are similar, but it's fun to see where you've done similar things. :-)