Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chair connotations

Gerrie has a good point when she suggests the electric chair as a theme. My first thoughts in fact were:
1. The Chair, which at 5 ft 2 is the highest fence in the Grand National horse race run at Aintree Racecourse not far from here.

2. Arthurs Seat, the hill which overlooks Edinburgh.

But neither of those grab me, caring little as I do for aninal rights or separationalist politics.

3. The Ashanti Golden stool. This has a little more prospect being a sacred stool which the Britsh trie tdo take from Africa but the Ashanto kind went into exile rather than allow the treasure to be lost. Lots of post-colonial meaning there.... but at the moment not grabbing me.

I am more taken by an idea which has occurred as I type which kind of involves one of these...

... but I really doubt that I have the ability to make what is in my head. We will see. Plenty of thinking time yet.