Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back to basics

As I brainstorm our latest theme challenge, and perhaps betraying my legal training, I find it useful to consider the dictionary meaning of the word "chair":
1. A piece of furniture consisting of a seat, legs, back, and often arms, designed to accommodate one person.
2. A seat of office, authority, or dignity, such as that of a bishop.
a. An office or position of authority, such as a professorship.
b. A person who holds an office or a position of authority, such as one who presides over a meeting or administers a department of instruction at a college; a chairperson.
4. The position of a player in an orchestra.
5. Slang The electric chair.
6. A seat carried about on poles; a sedan chair.
7. Any of several devices that serve to support or secure, such as a metal block that supports and holds railroad track in position.
Synonyms include: armchair, bench, cathedra, recliner, rocker, seat and stool which gives me an excuse to show you my toadstools (fliegenpilz?) from a design exercise a couple of years ago.


StegArt said...

I love these toadstools!

Gerrie said...

Kristen!! Brenda is stealing your schtick -when I saw the Fliegenpilz, I thought it was your post. Hee!

Love your version, Brenda.

Brenda said...

I wish I still had some of that spotted batik fabric left!

Terry said...

Wonderful 'shrooms. I, too, thought it was Kristen until I saw the signature. One would be a lovely chair for a frog.

Brenda said...

Do frogs ever sit on 'shrooms in real life?

Terry said...

"Do frogs ever sit on 'shrooms in real life?

Probably not! I don't think those little stems would support the kind of long-legged, fat frog I am envisioning. But it is certainly the stuff of children's books. The frogs that sit on toadstools also wear vests and smoke pipes!

Terry said...

Or maybe they do!

Gerrie said...

Terry!! That is a toad. Have you never heard of toadstools? :)

Kristin L said...

Yes, it seems that I am not the only one riding the wave of 'shroom popularity! They ARE just so colorful, with great shapes and folklore to go with them. How could anyone resist?

BTW, we were doing word association here with chair, which led to throne, which led to the "other" throne. So, who among us is doing a toilet themed quilt?

(Maybe i'll just work on a throne for a toad king...)