Thursday, November 6, 2008

Friends and Followers of Twelve by Twelve

As we Twelves get cracking on mathematics-themed quilts (if I say it, will it happen?), you might like to check out the blogs of the Friends of Twelve by Twelve:
  • Lindi was the lucky winner of a set of Twelve by Twelve notecards as part of our midpoint celebrations last month;
  • Art for 12 are Dutch quiltmakers who were inspired by our challenge and are undertaking a similar challenge with different themes. "Portrait" is their current theme and some striking works are emerging. Don't worry if you don't speak Dutch, there is a translation button at the top of their side bar;
  • Around the World in 20 Quilts is another group inspired by Twelve by Twelve. They are working to a quarterly timetable and their current theme is "stellar";
  • Joan and her Gang of Four are following the 12x12 in format with a view to creating a body of work suitable for a possible exhibition;
  • Lisa Flowers Ross has been playing along with our challenge. Check out her shelter-themed quilt!
  • Similarly Joanne at Wednesday's Child has been playing along as a friend of Twelve by Twelve; and
  • 12 Square is a new group planning to make twelve quilts in twelve months in a virtual quilting bee.
As Diane says:
"In case you're wishing that you could do something like that too, let me tell you how easy it was to start! I was wishing I had a journal quilt group with artist whose work inspired and stimulated me and would push me to make my own work better, and I started cruising blogs via the Artful Quilters blog ring, noticing whose work I just adored. I summoned up a bit of courage and emailed the artists whose work I admired, and proposed a group challenge.

Once I had some willing participants, we agreed on a format, set up a group blog so we could chat together and post our thoughts, and voila. Look what happened! So if you're thinking that you'd like to give something like this a try, I'd encourage you to think about what sort of challenge you'd like to be in, and then just invite others to join you."

If you've been inspired and have started or start a similar challenge, let us know and we will add you to our "Friends of Twelve by Twelve" blogroll. If you are just happy to enjoy our art quilts, you are welcome to join up as a "follower" by adding your details to the new widget in the sidebar.


Taccolina said...

Hello! I can't wait to check out all of these sites you've listed today. I've been meaning to say hello for a while, to tell you about Posted Stitches, a monthly art quilt collaboration we started in May.

All best!

Kristin L said...

Thanks Brenda for reminding us to keep looking outside our usual blogs. There's a lot of good stuff going on out in blog-land!

Thearica said...

Hi Brenda! I have to tell you that your group has completely inspired me to start a group too! My husband has been trying to get me to reach further and leave my traditional side behind but I just have not been able to do that. After I found your blog it came to me that if I invited some friends to come along on the same journey, it might just be that swift kick in the pants that I need! And so it is..The Bakers Dozen is borne!

p.s. I know that my traditional side will always be a part of me and there is nothing wrong with that either. I love me a beautiful Churn Dash quilt! :)