Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I haven't started. I have only five days. Yikes.

I got side tracked by other projects and my lack of ability to say "no." Today I am finishing filling 25 bags of goodies for the much-beloved Advent Tree that will be put up in our entryway this weekend. (Advent actually starts on November 30, so the deadline is technically sooner than our 12x12 deadline, though the first goodie bag will be marked December 1.)

I've got ideas and high hopes for effective execution -- and for some peace and quiet for study time. (Hmmmm. House guests and a huge holiday meal? Peace and quiet? Seems unlikely.)

Hey, I just realized it's my turn to pick the next theme. I'm all set for that! I've had it settled in my mind for months.


Kristin L said...

Hmmm, sounds like maybe a quilt about diminishing days to complete challenge being inversely proportioned to the number of guests in your house and prior commitments.... That's math, right?

StegArt said...

Oh I'm betting your execution will be perfect Deborah. Looking forward to the next theme.

Brenda said...

And we have three whole months for the next challenge, right!?

Diane said...

Wait, just two months! The first time out we had three months to get us to a point in the year where the months would work out evenly... but now we're on a 2 month schedule so our upcoming deadline will be

Feb 1
April 1
June 1
August 1
October 1
December 1

Does that work for all of you?

Nikki said...

Maybe when everyone is stuffed with Turkey and getting sleepy you can leave all the dirty dishes and sneak in some art time.