Sunday, September 28, 2008

Done ( with gritted teeth)

My shelter quilt has been forced into being with just a few hours before my self imposed deadline due to a work trip. In the last couple of days I have:
1. Unpicked a whole segment of quilting after I accidentally rotated a segment of the piece. Then spent almost three quarters of an hour quilting a segment 6 inches square as my thread shredded, the machine kept bucking the work sideways and jamming and the top thread birds nested on the back. I solved it but only after I (a) decided to live with gross imperfections (b) broke two needles and (c) bent a brand new quilting foot out of shape.
2. Showed an all but done quilt to Mum who said, "Haven't you done it upside down?" (She's right. It remains upside down.)
3. Closed my eyes in horror when Mum then looked at a photo I used which I was convinced was copyright free and said, "I think that's a still from a film I saw recently".
4. Cut the binding incorrectly.
5. Bound it to find that a crucial part of the design partially vanished into the binding
This quilt is not a happy quilt. It did not want to be. But it exists. I do not care what was the democratically reached result of our debates about remaking quilts. I reserve the right to remake this one!
If I can bear to think about it!
PS Sneak preview above. The saving grace is that I went for something a bit different and the general concept works so that is something!


Kristin L said...

I am soooooo curious! Your sneak peek looks log cabin-ish -- a basis I used as well. It's undeniably appropriate for "shelter." Your concept is so provocative, I can't wait to see what you've done with it!