Monday, June 23, 2008


That is all I can think of. I read all your posts on beautiful buddhist mediations, illuminated manuscripts and cross cultural celebrations and all I can think about is Blackpool.
Really I want to work with the idea of Eureka! and Achimedes in his bath.
But all I can think about is Blackpool illuminations
So I think I will just have to go with it. But be warned. I am actually beginnng to understand why manufacturers make neon thread. Plus, I am thinking emebllishments the tack of which you have never seen before.
You may wish to use the poll function on our yahoo group to nominate someone to make a reserve quilt for the mosaic!


Anonymous said...

Go for it, Helen. I love a bit o' tack, I do.

Gerrie said...

I had a "lost in translation" moment, but did a google and now I can't wait for your tacky (same as tack?) Blackpool rendition.

Helen Conway said...

Actually after posting I had a bath and had my own archimedes moment and thought of a way to turn pure tack ( meaning disgusting, garish, nasty useless, kitsch rubbishy stuff)into a quilt with just tons of grown up restrained social comment. Oh and some dripping off the quilt tack!!

Kristin L said...

My great, great grandfather on my mother's side was named R Kimmie. We always thought it was an odd name, until my mom's genealogical research unearthed a few ancestors farther back in the same line, named Archimedes.

Of course, that has nothing to do with the price of tea in China. I think you should put as much tack in your quilt as you are inspired to. I usually figure once you go to the tacky side, there's no sense not going all the way!

Gutterman makes both a glow in the dark thread (really works!!) and one that changes color when inside or outside. They might work with an Illumination them...

Deborah said...

Oh I'm giddy with anticipation!