Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Light Bulb Moment

From the outset of this collaborative art quilt project, I have been collecting theme ideas waiting for this day! Themes so far have been botanical (dandelion), gastronomical (chocolate), sociological (community) and elemental (water) but that left me plenty of scope.

After we've all had a turn at choosing the theme (you have a long wait Terry!), it would be interesting to compare our respective short lists. Certainly, I had no shortage of ideas but I was still feeling a little anxious about choosing the "right" one to run with that had not been used excessively before*. Then, in a flash of inspiration, I had a new word and our next theme:
  1. (a) The act of illuminating or (b) The state of being illuminated.
  2. A source of light.
  3. Decorative lighting.
  4. Spiritual or intellectual enlightenment.
  5. Clarification; elucidation.
  6. (a) The art or act of decorating a text, page, or initial letter with ornamental designs, miniatures, or lettering or (b) An example of this art.
  7. Physics The luminous flux per unit area at any point on a surface exposed to incident light. Also called illuminance .
In keeping with this word, I hope you will shed some light on your creative process by blogging as much as you feel comfortable with (short of the final piece) as you explore this theme. The next due date is Friday 1 August (California/blog time).

* My anxiety was not entirely misplaced. "Stories" was high on my short list and I see that it is also the Take it Further Challenge for June.


Deborah said...

Fantastic! I've already got ideas brewing.

Karen said...

I'm excited about this one, I am going to try to go abstract again.

Kristin L said...

Definition 6 was the one that spoke to me right away, but of course there are so many places to go with this. Brenda, you've come up with a great theme! I think it will be difficult for us to narrow down the barrage of ideas. I expect our mosaic this time could be really varied! :-)

Nikki said...

My husband is even excited about this one. He started researching last night.

Françoise said...

Mmm... this sounds very Buddhist. Love it!