Friday, March 28, 2008

Virtual Community

Well, finally. I've been searching for an idea that excited me, and wanting to find a way to illustrate "community" in an abstract sort of way. I inevitably head straight for something literal, and this time I want to avoid that.

Anyway, my goal for our Easter getaway was to sketch and doodle and and ponder until an idea hit that made me want to rush to my fabric to play. And, after much lying around on the couch in front of the fireplace to do vigorous thinking, I landed on something I am eager to explore.

I got thinking about the online community, how through the magic of computers and the internet I have found communities of friends -- you all here, for example, other artists, quilters, the Artful Quilters blog ring, the photography friends I'm making on flickr, the political folks I enjoy at Momocrats, and more.

My abstract interpretation will be to play with squares -- simplified computer monitors and keyboards, perhaps connected with snakey lines of stitching? I'm not sure.

But now that I'm unpacked from our holiday and laundry is underway, I will be cutting and fusing and exploring.

And heck, there are DAYS to go before the deadline. Plenty of time.



Kristin L said...

No problem--plenty of time!!