Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Little People

I was dissatisfied with my accuracy in cutting out small stencils from freezer paper. Instead, I decided to embrace the wobbliness and try stamping with a foam sponge cutout instead. I've been building communities of small people with varying results. I've posted other pictures on my blog.


Nikki said...

I like all the different colors and the different ways you have used to create them. I could imagine that stencils would be hard. Have you tried cutting out the paper dolls directly from painted fabric? Perhaps with fusible on the back?

They are fun to explore what each one's personality might be -- like the one that is falling over among the perfectly lined up dolls, or the group that is dancing on the ceiling.

Keep having fun!

Diane said...

I like how these look...the irregularity of the stamping is a nice subtle contrast with the regularity of the paperdoll repetition.

momma helen said...

These remind me of something I did this week at work. We just got a set of handbells for children. Each bell is a different color. So I spent several hours making smiley faces of different colors beside one another so that when the children "read" the colors and ring the same-colored bell, they will play a tune.
Maybe your little people could be color coded to play "happy birthday" or some other community oriented song. ;)

Deborah said...

These look so great! I love the little negative heart shape created between the arms and the legs.