Thursday, March 20, 2008

Back into the Community

Hi, guys --

I feel like I've been hiding a rock for a bit, what with non-creative stuff taking priority over my time over the last few weeks. But, as always, I've enjoyed seeing what you all are doing.
And I have to confess: while you all have been designing and sketching and gathering supplies and yes, even FINISHING your "community" pieces, I've just stalled. I had some early ideas and did a few sketches -- thought I had a final concept even -- and it just doesn't thrill me. We're less than 2 week away from deadline and I have no idea where I'll go with this.
But I must say that I have enjoyed hearing about and seeing your processes, even while I haven't contributed to the conversation. Knowing what some of you are doing isn't what has stalled me. I think it's that I haven't landed on a concept that makes me want to dive in.
Anyway. Deadlines are a good thing, and often inspire me to push forward to something I'm quite happy about.
And besides, there has to be one dilly-dally-er in every community, right?!


Gerrie said...

I thought that I owned the dilly-dallier moniker!! I just like you - some ideas, but nothing is lighting a fire.

Deborah said...

Me too. Dilly Dallying. Grumble.