Thursday, September 15, 2016

Where are They Now - Nikki

Where have I been -- definitely not doing the art thing.  Being a twelve was so inspiring creatively and the timeline forced me to be focused.  Art was a priority in my life and my family's lives because of these wonderful women.  Since our last challenge the demands of family have drove me (literally about 500 miles a week) in different directions. My four kids are busy playing sports.  I'm working full time with my husband at his engineering firm.  Since his partner decided to retire at the beginning of the year, we are now full owners and have the joys and challenges of owning our own business.  Most days I go to bed very tired.  We do have plenty of fun and excitement though.

Two years ago we bought a small, fixer up on the water.  We have been working on renovations and using it more like a vacation home even though it is just on the other side of town from our old house.  We wanted to move in permanently, but 1200 square feet with four tween and teenagers is a little challenging.  

While mowing the lawn last spring I had the brilliant idea to buy the little 1922 bungalow next door that has been for sale for several years.  We took possession last month.  After a crazy month of ripping out 60's wallpaper and old carpet, painting and repairs, we are now living in two houses. Its a little unconventional.  Everyone sleeps in our first house, but we use the other house for the living spaces and the two extra bathrooms.  And I once again have a studio.  I claimed the upstairs bedroom that looks over the water for my own.  I am still very much moving in, but one day soon I will be creating again.  Plus it is like Christmas rediscovering all my supplies.

I have my desk set up to look out the window.  The moorings are especially beautiful with the sun rising over the water.

My bookshelf is packed to the brim.  I do need to get a countertop for cabinets.  I still don't know where to put everything, but I'm sure it will find a home.

We have some strong friends who were willing to help us get the letter press and metal backers cabinets up the very narrow stairway.  The did say that they wouldn't be available I we decide to move again.  I was impressed because I didn't think they would fit.  I'm very glad they did though.

One day soon I will have to unpack my Twelve by Twelve quilts from those envelopes and proudly display them on the walls.  

I do have our book out on my shelf though.  I need to buy another copy though so all my children can have their own.

And living here is what makes all the crazy hard work worth it!


Karen Rips said...

Hello stranger! Glad to see you are doing well

Brenda Gael Smith said...

As one of six children, I think having a separate house as a sleeping wing is a brilliant idea. And it looks like there's room for tents on the front lawn if we want to have a Twelve by Twelve camp out!

June Calender said...

I followed the Twelves from the beginning --I was following Helen's blog at the time. Your success was well deserved, your book is wonderful and often goes with me to meetings of my small (5) local art quilter group for inspiration for our challenges (we started with "chair" thanks to the book). It's very good to read all these "where are we now" comments. Can't help wondering where you will go from here, individually ... and maybe as a group?