Monday, September 12, 2016

Where Are They Now? Karen Rips

I would say that the nine years since I was invited to join Twelve by Twelve have been more artistically rewarding than I could ever have imagined. Through the experimental pieces I made with the group challenges, I have found the art I love to make and have been very successful in exhibiting my work around the country. My collaboration with Paula Chung in A View Within is currently on exhibition at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts, and Schmidt Art Center.  A new piece from my 3-D series on Loss will also be in this year's World of Threads in Oakville, Canada. My continuing friendships with the other Twelves are very important to me.
Losing Touch © Karen Rips
PS: Brenda has put up this post for me as I am currently travelling in Iceland and the Faroe Islands with irregular internet access:


The Joyful Quilter said...

Thanks for sharing in this update on the Twelves! I just read my copy of the book from cover to cover over this past weekend. You all did such wonderful work!!