Friday, September 9, 2016

Terry checks in...

Terry Grant here, enjoying these updates from my 12x12 sisters!
Where am I, nine years in?—right where I was the last time you heard from me, just west of Portland, in my little studio in the woods.
We built the studio in 2011 and I spend most of my days out there. It has a small loft with a comfy futon for guests. Brenda was the first Twelve to stay here, followed by Diane and then both Kristin and her husband Art stayed with us while they house-hunted just before their move to Portland. So the studio has an additional life as the Twelve by Twelve B&B!
I continue to make art quilts. Several years ago I began using the fabrics from men's shirts purchased at thrift stores and over dyed to achieve the colors I wanted. The plaids and stripes suggested architectural elements to me and I made many works using the shirt fabrics to create memories of our travels in South America and Mexico.
This piece, "Basilica of Quito" was recently accepted for our local High Fiber Diet group exhibit. I have continued to use these fabrics in other work that is not architectural in theme as well.
"Cloth Remembers" has been traveling with the SAQA International exhibit Redirecting the Ordinary.
Recently I was intrigued by an idea to use only stripes, and made "Roses". It will be in an exhibit of art by Oregon artists in all media in October.
Travel continues to inspire most of my work. "Camas Prairie, Idaho" one of the pieces inspired by last year's USA road trip, is now part of the SAQA Concrete and Grasslands show.
My grandchildren live nearby and we spend many happy hours together. I even get them involved in a few crafty fiber projects!
My blog continues, but posts are fewer and farther between these days. I have had the pleasure of writing regularly for the beautiful online magazine, Through our Hands, the brainchild of the wonderful Laura Kemshall and amazing Annabel Rainbow. I will soon be sworn in as president of our terrific local fiber arts guild, so I have the next year laid out for me.
Though the Twelve by Twelve projects have come to an end, our very special group will always be a part of my life and brings me such joy when things like Kristin's move to Portland, and Helen's and Deborah's visits happen! We came together by way of the Internet, and by that same means we stay together and continue to share our lives. Face to face visits happen as well. My visit with Diane last winter was lovely. We made books and talked for hours. Someday I will meet Kirsten and Francoise face to face, and a beautiful circle will be complete.
It is still thrilling to me to remember how our our "little" online collaboration became so much more, including, unbelievably, a book. A couple years ago I took on the project of designing and preparing a second, smaller book of our Colorplay quilts, which will be available on Amazon. Watch for an announcement soon!
Thanks to all who have followed along on the journey. You've not heard the last from us...


The Joyful Quilter said...

I will look forward to the Colorplay book! Just finished my copy of the Twelves' original one. LOVED it!!