Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rush Job

I should never try to rush through anything.  It always comes back to haunt me, and takes me twice as long to finish what I wanted to rush through.

I ran through a few medical ideas for Sweet, but couldn't come up with anything I wanted to work on.  Then I was reading Joann's blog here, and thought about all the times my kids say sweet when they like something.  I came up with an idea quickly after that, and since I'm going on vacation soon, I wanted to finish it before I left.  It turned out really nice until I cut it down to size, sewed that backing on, and realized it was 11 x 20. I got that sinking feeling you get when you really mess up and started scrambling for a solution.

Top left is the edge with the backing on.  I had to remove the backing, then dug thru the trash to find the edge I had cut off. For some reason I thought if I just sew it back on, no one will notice.
Well, I notice, and I'm sure you do too. Sigh. It took me a few days, but I did come up with a solution that works.  But your not going to see it until December 12th.


Joanne S said...

Karen--thanks for reading my blog. That's exactly where I got that word--the kids I work with. When something goes right--"sweet".

I had to laugh. I, too, sliced a 12 by 20 a bit too narrow and had to add a sliver back on. I added another bit on top and that made it look intentional. Sweet.

Helen Conway said...

I am not glad you went through this angst but I am kind of glad I am not the only person who does stuff like this!