Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Headed home

I have had all 144 of the Theme Series quilts in my studio for a little more than a month now. It has been a busy time and I am finally ready to return these beauties to their owner/makers. What a journey they have been on! Back in 2010 they traveled to Lark Publishing to be photographed for our book, then headed to Australia and New Zealand where they were exhibited together for the first time. Then they went to Great Britain and finally to the US where they met up with their younger siblings, The Colorplay Series, for exhibits in Houston, Cincinnati, Long Beach and Portland. The Colorplay quilts are off to Australia soon, but the Theme Series are headed home, at last.

After I removed each quilt from the black panels we used for hanging them, I separated them into stacks of each artist's work. Then I packed them into their traveling bags.

Over the next week I will be boxing them up and shipping them to their respective homes. For all the places they have been and all the travel they have experienced, they look great. No damage. No loss. I will hate to see them go, but will enjoy having my twelve here again. They are filled with such great memories.


Brenda Gael Smith said...

Thank you Terry and Gerrie for looking after the Theme series on the second US leg of their adventure. We actually sent the quilts to Lark in December 2009 so they have been travelling for nearly three years now and should have their own passports and frequent flyer cards.

Maybe because Christmas is around the corner and [sweet] sugar plum fairies come to mind, I have visions of our quilts having Nutcrackeresque frolics when nobody is looking :-)

Renate said...

What a wonderful journey your Theme series have had. Thank you for sharing their "flights and visits" with us.

June Calender said...

It was been fascinating to follow digitally the making and sharing and then wonderful publication and showing of all your work. I've loved following the 12x12 blog and many of the individual blogs.

Diane said...

I saw them together in Cincinnati. What a dynamic and amazing group of quilts!