Saturday, June 16, 2012

Deep in Research

Where to even begin with mythology? It's so broad, right?

Desperate for inspiration and focus, I sat down and googled "asian mythology." Several people have used the word "zen" to describe some of my work and I am draw to an Asian spirit in my design. (Whatever that means...) So, it seemed like a decent place to start.

Eventually, I got to Buddha and that reminded me on an amazing exhibit I saw at the Crow Museum in Dallas. The exhibit was titled Traditional Transformed: Tibetan Artists Respond. I was particularly fascinated by Gonkar Gyatso's work.

Here is an image from Gonkar's personal blog from an exhibit at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston.

His work is also on the cover of this book.

His work takes many forms, but I really love the work he does with STICKERS! I'm interested in his very contemporary and pop-culture interpretation of such traditional imagery and mythology.

I remember spending lots of time at that exhibit in Dallas looking at a collage of stickers in the shape of a Buddah with the specific traditional proportions marked out. Something like this.

I could spend days and days looking at images of Buddha and thinking about the patterns, proportions, lines and decorative elements. In fact, I created a Pinterest board and I'm lost in Buddah rabbit hole.

Speaking of Buddah rabbit...


Helen Conway said...

Love the meditating rabbit!