Monday, June 25, 2012

Has anyone seen my klaf?

My Mythology quilt is well underway and needs just final touches. I have chosen to carry on my map theme, make it a little more abstract yet and to work with the concept of urban mythology. South African urban mythology, of course. You would, I am sure, expect nothing less of me.

So I am finding it a little hard to remember exactly why, given that I started with my idea from the get go and never deviated from its africanness, it was absolutley essential to the authentcity of the piece that I ordered a klaf.

From Israel, nontheless. A klaf being a piece of kosher parchment. And I mean animal skin partchment not paper parchment. So I paid a lot for a small (but irrelevantly religiously acceptable) piece of sheep stomach. Because it was vital.

And now I have lost it.

And I can't remember why I needed it.

What is wrong with me?!


Anonymous said...

I laughed when I read your dilemma! How often do we start on a journey and then wonder how or why we reached the end? Lovely work (all 12 x 12), and yours particularly - I love the sunny colours - it is cold and grey in Adelaide, Sth Australia, but sunshine is promised! Jenny Loveder.

Judy Morningstar said...

Apparently your piece did not need a klaf. This little teaser sure looks great without any klafs at all. It will show up right after you finish the piece and show everyone. Your klaf will be the start of a new piece. When you find it.

Kristin L said...

Ha! I've had that dilemma too. Not the klaf part, but the part about why something was so essential and yet I don't know why. Judy's probably right that it will show up after revea day. ;-)