Saturday, May 26, 2012

Studio hopping

Whenever I look at Deborah's Twelve theme piece Seven Houses, Five Trees I think how fun it would be if I could just skip over the hill and visit one of the Twelves.  Fortunately the internet allows for some virtual studio hopping. After I conducted a chakra-enhancing purge of project piles and paperwork, my studio is once again fit for visitors.  I invite you to take the Serendipity Studio Tour:
I have a view of the ocean while the vista from Helen's studio is more bucolic. The building project, painting and decorating are over and Helen is happily esconced in her new creative space.  Check out Helen's Studio Tour:
Helen's Studio View Meanwhile, thanks to the magic of video, you can some of the Twelves over to your place anytime. As outlined in Deborah's blog post, this week there is some special pricing on the STITCHED - a collection of 20 online video workshops including Deborah's Branches, Buds and Blossom: A Botanical Collage and Nikki's Mini Treasure Box of Dreams:
Also, Deborah's new Quilting Arts video workshop, Contemporary Fabric Collage: Design, Stitch and Finish, is now available for download! It's just like taking a workshop with Deborah. As she prepared for the shoot, Deborah made long lists about all the tips, suggestions, ideas and directions she wanted to include. Plus, there are lots of visual aids and examples throughout the DVD. The video workshop includes chapters on fabric selection, composition, using sheer fabrics, stitching by machine and by hand, and unique finishing options.


Jenny said...

I just literally sighed with longing at those views. I can see trees. But London trees. Not quite the same somehow.