Monday, October 31, 2011

The Twelves on Quilt Festival

In case you've missed it, over on the Lark Crafts blog there is a series of interviews with some of the Twelves about our forthcoming trip to Houston.  See:
and soon, interviews with Terry and Deborah.  For some of us, it is our first International Quilt Festival whereas others have been before.  Either way, we are excited. Not long now!

You can be certain that all of us will be packing our cameras so that we can record our experience.  In case you're wondering, PHOTOGRAPHY IS WELCOME in the Twelve by Twelve area in accordance with the following general photography rules at the International Quilt Festival.  If sharing online, please credit and link to Twelve by Twelve
IQF Quilt Photography Rules
• Photos taken at Festival are for your personal enjoyment and for sharing with family, friends, and fellow guild members who could not attend. Photos are not to be used for any commercial purpose. They are not to be posted on any web site which freely permits images to be used on items that may be purchased, such as T-shirts, mugs, note cards, etc.
• If you post your photos to your personal web site, you must include appropriate credit for each quilt artist and note that the photos were taken at International Quilt Festival. If you post pictures to your account on a “photo-sharing” web site, you MUST also disable any function that would allow viewers to order the images on any goods.
• Do note that some exhibits prohibit photography, and this includes pictures taken with a cell phone camera. Please refer to signage by the exhibit ... Please be responsible in your use of the quilt photographs and help us to protect the rights of the quiltmakers and wearable artists. Photography at Festival is neither a right nor an entitlement—it is a privilege.