Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Friends of Twelve by Twelve

As Diane and Deborah have recently remarked, it is a joy to hear that others have been so inspired by the Twelve by Twelve project (through this blog, our BOOK or a real, live, in-the-cloth exhibition) that they have embarked upon challenges themselves.  Did you know we keep a Friends of Twelve by Twelve listing in our sidebar?

12" x 12" Waikato are the latest addition to our friends listing.  You can read all about this group in the  the latest issue of my favourite quilting magazine, New Zealand Quilter.   They got together after viewing the Twelve by Twelve exhibit at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Hamilton last year and have completed seven challenges including Letters and Song.

Other groups on the list include:
  • Twelve by the Dozen who have also completed seven challenges  such as Seeing Red and Connections.  It's exciting to see how some of the members have used their challenge pieces as a starting point for exploring themes or techniques further in other works;
  • 12 Connected is a group of fiber artists that have banded together to create a series of twelve 11"x17" art quilts over a two year period. Their latest challenge is "Square".
  • Art for 12 have already completed one full cycle of challenges and have enjoyed it so much, they are now working on their second series.  Their blog is in Dutch but there is a translation gadget in their sidebar.
  • Keeping to an international flavour, Barcelona is the latest challenge by Art Quilts Around the World.
  • Fiberactions are creating pieces for the final challenge in the current iteration of the group.  Their challenge theme is Structure.
  • The International Quilt Challenge is a new (ish) group.  Their second challenge is "Through the Window" and there are lots of great photos and musings on their blog.
  • Kathleen Probst has joined fellow Boise textile artist  Lisa Flowers Ross  in shadowing some of our Colorplay challenges.  See Kathleen's Gray and Orange and Lisa's Orange piece Summer Breeze.  On the East Coast, Joanne of Wednesday's Child has also been playing along.  She made some wonderfully quirky carrots for the Orange Colorplay.
  • The Material Mavens  have been working on Harmony.
  • Stitching Across the Ditch  (aka the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand) work in a 12" by 9" format and their latest challenge was "Time"
  • Tangled Textiles work in a 16x16in format and have completed 3 challenges including Tools. exploring
  • Textile Abstractions is a North American group and their current challenge is Escape.
  • Uncommon Threads get to meet in person but also keep a blog.  Their latest challenge was Totems.
  • Most quilters I know have a great affinity for hardware stores (and stationery stores, but that's another story.  Hardware Store is one of the subjects explored by We Are the Baker's Dozen.
If you or your group has been inspired by Twelve by Twelve to participate in  a challenge, leave a comment, share your work and inspire others.  Keep that creative quilting karma circulating!


Annick said...

Your blog is certainly the standard for such a project. I have visited some of the blogs you mentioned and have gone back in time, but they all lack your organization and your clarity. They also lack the many pictures, thought processes and sharing that happen on your blog. You are the best and I hope to meet you in person in Houston (hope I don't forget my book at home!!)

Hilary said...

Thank you for mentioning us (Twelve by the Dozen) - we are honoured. Four of us will be at Houston, some meeting up for the first time.

I was wondering if you are feeling 'What now?'