Sunday, October 16, 2011

Talking about 12x12

I had the great pleasure of talking about the 12x12 project to the Quilters Guild of Dallas last month.

I signed books!
I shared my ColorPlay quilts!
I stood in the dark while showing slides of several of our 12x12 quilts!
I really can't even begin to express how exciting it is to hear people say things like "I'm so inspired!" "I've never seen anything quite like this." "I love hearing about how a group of women created this amazing body of work."

Whenever someone says, "Thank you so much for sharing your project," I just want to say, "Thank YOU for showing such support an enthusiasm!"

By the way, in the center picture above, you can see the black felt panels on which all our quilts will be displayed in Houston. Terry and Gerrie rigged up this great system and sent me three panels to use in Dallas. They worked great!


Brenda Gael Smith said...

Your quilts look super together and the black felt panels really show them off to great effect. I'm inspired too!

Renate said...

Oh my!!! I am still just as inspired as the day I stumble upon the blog! I'm curious to find out what the next series will be about...theme...colour...??? Please don't ever stop!

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