Saturday, September 4, 2010

Anniversary Present

All twelve of us are delighted to celebrate the third anniversary of our challenge by showing you the very first look at the cover of our new book!  It is being lovingly crafted by the talented folks at Lark Books and we all couldn't be happier.  We're told that it'll be available in March, 2011.  That's just six months away!  

I was startled when Brenda pointed out that this is our third anniversary.  We make a total of twelve quilts every other month, so it means that in the first round we made 144 quilts.  Here we are, 5 challenges into our second round (Colorplay!) and we've made 60 more quilts.

I continue to be amazed and delighted by what we, as a group, have accomplished.  I mean, just consider these facts:  We've all remained committed to the project, and when we finished round 1 over two years, we all happily agreed to keep going.  Everyone has met deadlines (barring the occasional emergency which couldn't be helped), and we all genuinely like each other more the more we work together.  We've had exhibit opportunities and articles we'd never imagined to focus on our work.  And a book!  We all thank our lucky stars that when someone said "Wouldn't it be fun to have a book?" Brenda nodded and said "I'll explore it and get started on a proposal."  We know that even more fun is ahead, as we hope to all meet at a big quilt show in the not-too-far-away-future. 

We are a good example of how unexpectedly wonderful things can happen when you are motivated by  passion and curiosity, and supported by good friends.

Thank you all for following our exploits, encouraging us with your comments, and playing along with our challenges.  We can't wait to share our book with you and will be pinching ourselves when we finally get to hold it in our hands!


Lynn said...

I have been following your group's work for some time and am incrediably impressed by all you have created individually and together. Congratulations on all the successes that you mentioned. I for one will want a copy of the book!!!!

Lindi said...

Fabulous! I'll want a copy, too!

Alexandra said...

Congratulations! I am following your group since the beginning and I loved the pieces you have sewn and all the creativity, I have learned a lot. I will surely order the book!

Sonja said...


nicolette said...

Congratulations to you all!!

Jamie Fingal said...

Congratulations to everyone in your group. This is a tremendous accomplishment. So happy for all of you!