Sunday, June 14, 2009

Passionate Word Play

For the last week, I have been sharing a joy for quiltmaking with other creators and enthusiasts at the Sydney Quilt Show. Now it's time to start thinking about the next challenge theme - Passion.
  1. A powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger.
    1. Ardent love.
    2. Strong sexual desire; lust.
    3. The object of such love or desire.
    1. Boundless enthusiasm: His skills as a player don't quite match his passion for the game.
    2. The object of such enthusiasm: Soccer is her passion.
  2. An abandoned display of emotion, especially of anger: He's been known to fly into a passion without warning.
  3. Passion
    1. The sufferings of Jesus in the period following the Last Supper and including the Crucifixion, as related in the New Testament.
    2. A narrative, musical setting, or pictorial representation of Jesus's sufferings.
  4. Archaic. Martyrdom.
  5. Archaic. Passivity.
Synonyms include:
  • strong emotion - affection, affectivity, agony, anger, animation, ardor, dedication, devotion, distress, dolor, eagerness, ecstasy, excitement, feeling, fervor, fire, fit, flare-up, frenzy, fury, heat, hurrah, indignation, intensity, ire, joy, misery, outbreak, outburst, paroxysm, rage, rapture, resentment, sentiment, spirit, storm, suffering, temper, transport, vehemence, warmth, wrath, zeal, zest
  • adoration, love - affection, amorousness, amour, appetite, ardor, attachment, concupiscence, craving, crush, desire, emoting, eroticism, excitement, fondness, infatuation, keenness, lust, prurience, urge, weakness, yen
  • strong interest - craving, craze, drive, enthusiasm, fad, fancy, fascination, idol, infatuation, mania, obsession
  • powerful, intense emotion - ardor, fervency, fervor, fire
I can see that I may have to dye some more reds and oranges...


Kristin L said...

Interestingly, I find #7, passivity, to be completely opposite of all the other definitions and synonyms. No wonder it's archaic. And yes, I think reds are definitely in order.

Françoise said...

Yes, I'm thinking of red too.
And I've been listening to the St Matthew Passion by Bach for a few days...