Saturday, March 28, 2009

This and That

We've been a bit less chatty on our blog on this current theme. I've had ideas bubbling in my brain, but I hadn't actually cut into cloth until this week. Here is a peek. (Not to be confused with peak.)

I'm also thrilled to tell you that my Fractal Tree art quilt which I created for our Mathmatics theme won an Honorable Mention ribbon at the Dallas Quilt Show. I entered it in the "Other Techniques" category since the focus of the quilt is the hand embroidery. I was pleased to add the ribbon to the small collection on my inspiration board. It's the giant gray one.

One more interesting experience to share... The librarian at my kids' elementary school invited me to come talk with the fifth graders about fiber art. I brought several quilts including all the pieces I've creative for our 12x12 challenges. I asked them to try to guess the themes for each quilt. They loved that! They guessed the "chocolate" theme right away and I had to give them lots of hints for "community" and "mathematics." If you have an opportunity to share your 12 pieces with a group, I hope you'll try the same thing. It was really fun and it's an excellent, interactive way to introduce fiber art to kids (or grown ups)!


Kristin L said...

Your peek piques my interest;-)

Congratulations on your ribbon! Your library talk sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I really like the interactive aspect as well as showing people a type of art they are probably not too familiar with.

kirsty said...

Wow! Congratulations!!! Nice haul of ribbons you have there :)
Your idea to have the kids guess the theme was fun.

Lisa said...

Great idea for the kiddie trunk show. Just showing the kids what is possible will lead to lots of new fiber artists! Congratulations on your ribbon!

PAMELA said...

Hi Deborah from an Aussie.
It's easy to see why you hold the key to success. Besides noticing what's on your noticeboard....but seriously, just looking at your window concept offers a good explanation. Congratulations on your ribbon and for your technique to give the kids fun too.