Tuesday, January 6, 2009


If I said my chair quilt is done but I can't show you, would I qualify for the naughty chair?

(Lightening may have fatally zapped my computer but my sewing machine still works ;-)


Kristin L said...

Nope. No Naughty Chair for you since I've completed one too. Only problem is that 80% through, I thought of another idea -- which oddly enough, is looking a little naughty.

Being done though, you can relax the rest f the month! :-)

Terry said...

I was thinking I was headed for the naughty chair because I haven't started. Haven't even got an idea.

Lisa said...

I have been following your blog as a group of my quilting friends has started a 12x12 challenge and I have enjoyed all your posts about chairs. I wonder if any of you have seen this chair "painting" in the newest pottery barn magazine. http://www.potterybarn.com/products/p4911/popup.cfm?tool=vLarger&thissku=6382154&fromrgl=0
I think it is so beautiful - maybe a little late for your inspiration as some of you are already finished, but maybe not too late for others. Thanks for sharing!

StegArt said...

Lucky you. I wish I had a grandiose idea for my quilt.

Karen said...

I'm stuck in the middle on this one, I have an image I want to use, but don't know what to do with it.