Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I'm coming along on my chair piece. I am telling myself that if I'm not pleased with the results, I'll still have time to try something different. As I'm plodding along, I'm thinking about things I struggle with...
  • I love muddy, tight color schemes, but I need enough contrast to make the images stand out.
  • I'd like to be able to work from a sketch, but I'm more successful just moving the fabric around.
  • I usually incorporate lots of elements in a piece, but I have trouble planning ahead for what goes where and in what order.
  • I'm drawn to whimsical, crafty art, but I can't seem to let go enough to embrace that style in my own work.
  • I'm easily distracted, even though I know I do my best work when I stay focused and just put in the time.
  • I like to mix commercial prints with pieces that I've altered with some kind of surface design, but it's hard to find the right mix.
So, it's a good struggle. Part of the process.


Kristin L said...

I definitely hear you! We all have our issues that we struggle with, and if I am to believe all the advice I get when I ponder my struggles, it doesn't go away -- the issues may change, but teh struggle goes on.