Sunday, January 25, 2009

Continuing Illumination

Remember our illumination quilts? Of course you do! I loved that theme so much that I made several more quilts inspired by illuminated manuscripts. I wrote about my process and techniques in the new issue of Quilting Arts magazine.

Here is a close up of my quilt "Vibrant Layers." I loved the process of creating that foiled word.

Here is a detail from "Attitude."
(Actually, neither of those quilts was actually chosen to be included in the article. You can see more pictures on my blog.)

And here is a detail from "Daily Ritual."

I want to thank all the twelves for being such an inspiration and supportive artist community. Our blog is mentioned in the resource section of my article. I hope lots of other art quilt lovers will find their way to our blog to see all your amazing work!


Helen Conway said...

Well wow - get you! I look forward to seeing the article.

StegArt said...

That's wonderful Deborah! I look forward to getting my copy and seeing your article.

PAMELA said...

Looking at these images, I can almost feel the vibrations. Me too looks forward to reading more from QA when it arrives in my mailbox. Especially the foiling.

Pamela P in Australia

Jennifer L said...

I am so glad I am able to view your blog, with its beautiful work, ideas, techniques – and friendliness!
Bright, South Australia

Margeeth said...

These are wonderfull, can't wait to see the article.

Nikki said...

Congratulations! The article is great.

Karen said...

I received my copy yesterday and found both you and my friend Pam Klebaum in the magazine. Your aricle was very well written and fun to read.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this blog because of the Quilting Arts article. I can't wait to spend LOTS of time browsing through old posts. Loved your illuminated quilts from the article so much that I'm trying one out for myself!