Friday, July 25, 2008

Space and Light

There's only a week to go until the "reveal" of our illumination themed quilts. For further inspiration, check out the Space & Light exhibition at the Coo-ee Aboriginal Art Gallery in Sydney until 23 August that you can also view online. This exhibition was inspired curatorially by James Turell, Claude Monet and Walter De Maria, The Chicho Museum, Naoshima, Japan and features works by Emily Kngwarreye, Regina Wilson, Dorothy Napangarti, Lilly Kelly Napangarti and Ngoia Pollard Napaljarri.
There is no object in this work. There never was. There is no image within it. It demonstrates the play of light and the manifestation of movement. Light is material in space and reflects nature. This space is made for Indigenous Art. The space allows you to comprehend its size, the depth of it, without being overwhelmed. When you are ready, its own space draws you in. Colour? Colour is manufactured perceptually!

And doesn't Sandhills look like a thread drawing?