Thursday, April 3, 2008

Water Views

I need look no further than out my studio window for water-based inspiration:

Copacabana Beach Australia Day 2008

Water ©2006 Brenda Gael SmithAs I recently wrote on my blog I've been wanting to make a coastal-themed quilt for a while. Nevertheless, for this next Twelve by Twelve challenge, I think I will turn my attention to fresh water rather than the ocean. Here is a 12x12 quilt that I made for the Quilters' Guild of NSW Mini Marvels challenge. It forms part of my earthwaterfire triptych. I still really like the quilt but I'm looking to do something different for this challenge.


StegArt said...

Wow, what a luscious view. I'd love to see that every day.

Nikki said...

Is this the view from your home? I think Twelve by Twelve needs to take a tour of the continents and visit everybody! The closest thing to a water view we have was last December when the neighbor's horse pasture flooded or the kids use the hose to turn our hill into a waterfall.