Sunday, April 20, 2008

Swimming pools

Like Gerrie, I have been thinking about swimming. But not in Hawaii. Well, I have since I read her piece, but I have not actually been doing it in Hawaii. In my case it was more about having a gym subscription I don't use enough, so I hauled myself down to the pool to turn over a new leaf. (Several days ago. Life has happened and I haven't been since. Sigh. I really must downgrade that gold membership to silver and spend the balance on fabric!)

Anyway. Swimming is boring.
Up down, up down.
Good for arthritis. But boring.
Up, down.

Ok, so it was more like up, rest at the top, down, nip to the steam room, up, down. Still boring.

Until I stopped looking at the poolside ( I am not a face in the water girl!) and started looking at the water. How it shimmers and reflects and refracts. The lines of the windows, doors and palm planter were repeated but distorted and contrasted with the mosaic pool floor. The branches of the bare trees lining the carpark were reflected through the grid of the glass wall in sketchy little lines floating on the water that looked like, well, stitches.

Up, down, plan.
Up down, look again.
Up, down try to remember.
Up, down, wonder how to piece it.
Up, down, remember it doesn't have to be a literal interpretation....
....who says quilting does not count as excercise?