Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You've got mail!

I got a nice email today from a stranger in England. Here's what she wrote, in part:

"Hi, I have just joined a contemporary quilt group and one of our members
said to have a look at the "12 x12" Looking through at the lovely work I felt
I just had to e.mail and say thank you for being so very generous with your
knowledge. We have been issued with a journal quilt challenge 12x12 and
although a little apprehensive I think I will probably have a go. Isn't the
internet a wonderful tool this will be the first time I have e.mailed
somebody in the United States but felt so inspired by all your work. I am
trying to get more computer literate along with lots of other things.
My computer is quite old and I don't have a scanner yet but I am
getting there!
By the way I am a grandmother with nine grandchildren. I have 1
elderly horse (27 yrs) and three ponies which keep me pretty busy.
I used to do endurance riding but had a hip replacemtnt last May so had
to stop riding but who knows what the future holds!
I just thought I ought to share this lovely message with the rest of you.
By the way, my chocolate quilt is finished! Woo hoo!


Kristin L said...

Thanks for sharing, Terry. It's interesting to find out who's reading your blog(s). For some odd reason it always surprises me that it's more than just my mom reading mine, or us 12 reading this one. ;-)

StegArt said...

A very nice email. Thanks for sharing.

Diane said...

Oh yes, what a lovely email. And Kristin, I have the same reaction you do... when someone says they read my blog, I'm always startled.

Terry said...

One day I was in a fabric store and the clerk cutting my fabric (I didn't know this woman) said, "how's your darling grandbaby--Sofia isn't it?" I must have looked so startled. She then said, "Oh I read your blog everyday!"

Diane said...

What's funny is that my mom will say once in a while, "I hope you don't mind that I looked, but I saw on your blog that..." She always apologizes, as if she's looked at something she's not supposed to see.

Nikki said...

I feel so honored to be part of a group that is inspiring other people!!! And she is ahead of some us, being done with her chocolate quilt already.