Thursday, January 10, 2008

The research continues

When I was in Pittsburgh, I went to see the stunning Chihuly exhibition of glass works at the Phipps Conservatory (see the multitude of photos on my blog). The conservatory also houses an abundance of exotic plants including the chocolate tree and an orchid-like plant that actually smells like chocolate:

According to the plaque text (click to enlarge), the United States is the largest importer of cocoa and the State of Pennsylvania (home of Hersheys) is the largest processor of cocoa. Now I'm back at home and I'm thinking that my challenge quilt will be predominantly brown. Then again, who can resist the playful colours of M&Ms?*

*PS: I remember when I first read the book of ET back in 1982, I had no idea what M&Ms were!


Deborah said...

I couldn't resist the brown either. So glad you enjoyed Chihuly. Inspiring.