Friday, January 4, 2008

More Research

You all would be astounded and impressed at the dedication I have displayed to the task of researching our current theme.

A few days ago, we took visiting friends to Copia, a food and wine center in Napa, California. We enjoyed a delicious and fascinating lunch at Julia's Kitchen, the restaurant there named in honor of Julia Child.

Even though I was rather full, I knew I simply *had* to explore the chocolate dessert, called "Rocky Road Redoux." And look at this presentation. It's like a chocolate amusement park.

From the upper left-hand corner moving to the right, there is a triangle of cocoa powder decorating the plate (and serving as a chocolate zen garden for the making of designs with one's fork). Then a tall shot glass of malted milk with rim of chocolate malt powder... Then a bittersweet chocolate brittle perched on top of a wedge of rocky road chocolate mousse... Then a decorate sprinkling of cocoa nibs lined up with dots of cocoa and mocha sauce... then a circle of brownie type disk, decorated by two perfect walnut halves.

It was tempting to just sit and look at it...but of course, we all enjoyed consuming this fascinating array of chocolate items.

I did sort of crave a bit of sour orange or lemon afterward to cut the sweetness!

You can see the rest of our decadent meal here.