Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chocolate thoughts

You all seem to be going top end with your chocolate. Meanwhile I have been playing word association with chocolate in the hopes of getting inspired. It has backfied becuase all I have in my mind now is the annoying little ditty from the advert for Cadbury's Roses chocolates. I don't know if the the advert has travelled to all your countries but the idea is the you would give a box of Roses as a thank you gift so the TV adverts had a song with changeable lyrics, the essence of which is

"Thank you very much for{da da da da} thank you very much, thank you very, very much..."

For the tune you can go to here and press 'Play the advert'. Or for an Australian version try here

As you will find out, this is not a good thing to have in you head. Although it has led to two thoughts:

(a) Given that this an international group is it better that the inspriation behind a quilt 'travels' i.e is universally understood. Or, it is a good thing that the viewer will learn about UK only sources of inspiration. Or, in the alternative do you even care?

(b) My favourite quilt title so far is 'Feeding William' ( the freckled child actors's goldfish) (Insert in song above!) second choice 'Being grandma.'

(c) I need to (1) keep thinking and (2) get out more. Like to a chocolate shop

By the way, if you go to Green and Blacks you can fill in a questionnaire with a chance to win a chocolate hamper.


Anita said...

Oooh! Going over there right now. Green & Black's chocolate is divine!

Diane said...

You know, Helen, one of the things I loved about visiting London the first time was the Cadbury chocolate machines around every corner and placed every 5 feet in tube stations!

Brenda said...

Belle Fleur do a nice line in herb-based chocolates too and they taste surprisingly good.

Susan D said...

Thanks for the link just off to enter.

Nikki said...

I'll have to wait to listen to the advertisment. I'm not ready for an annoying song to be stuck in my head.

kristin L said...

I think that we should all do what inspires us, and if it's not universally understood, then it's just an opportunity for the rest of us to broaden our horizons. I love learning about new things.

jess said...

its amazing how adverts can galvanise us to think about products and purchase them. Green and blacks is gorgeous but i also like Michael Cluizel chocolate which i get from here.