Friday, November 30, 2007

Choccie Texture

Hi guys!
I saw this today and thought of you! (are the rest of you as flummoxed as I am??)
As well as looking completely delicious, these are just SO pretty!


Gerrie said...

Oh, wow and yum. Really good chocolate - a fetish of mine.

Sequana said...

I'm just a reader here, but I found this definition:

Mendiants are disks of chocolate studded with nuts and dried fruits. Unlike chocolate bars that enrobe the nuts and fruits, mendiants are generally made so that the beauty of the different nuts and fruits are studded in the top to offer visual appeal as well as flavor. Mendiants are often made in large slabs and then broken into smaller pieces, like bark. The word mendiant means ”beggar” in French: One would gladly beg for a piece.

Deborah said...

So pretty!