Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Colorplay at AQS Quilt Week Des Moines: 2-5 October 2013

AQS QuiltWeek® – Des Moines 2013 is the largest AQS event ever!  It will feature 1,674 quilts at the Iowa Events Center from 2-5 October and we are very honoured that 144 of the quilts are from our Colorplay Series.  This will be the last opportunity to view Colorplay in North America.  Come along!


Anonymous said...

I visited the Colorplay exhibit in Des Moines and truly enjoyed seeing, in person, what I've watched emerge on the computer screen. There were a number of people viewing and commenting.


Brenda Gael Smith said...

Thank you for that report from Des Moines Marken! It is not always possible for us to join our work on tour so it's good to know that viewers have enjoyed the exhibition.