Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Toast to the Twelves

This weekend marks the sixth anniversary of the formation of the Twelve by Twelve International Art Quilt Challenge.

On 2 September 2007, Diane sent out an e-mail head "NEW Small Quilt Challenge:Wanna Play?" and, within a couple of days, the first items started appearing on this blog..  We went on to share our project in hundreds of posts and to create 348 works for three series: the Theme series (2007-2009), Colourplay (2009-2011) and the 2012 Series.  Along the way, we wrote a book Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge and staged an international exhibition tour that continues in 2013:
We have met up in person and via Skype and forged enduring friendships. We also developed a heightened awareness of all things "twelve" so this New Zealand pinot noir jumped out at me. 

Here's looking at you Twelves!


Rachel Biel said...

I'll toast to that! It's been great watching all of you progress through time and you are a great model to the rest of us of how people can collaborate and grow together.

Kudos to you and I hope you keep at it for a long time down the road!

Linda Bilsborrow said...

Congratulations and thank you - from a member of one of the many 'Tribute groups' that your idea has spawned.

I too have made unexpected friendhsips through this medium.

Renate said...

I'd like to echo the congratulations of Rachel and Linda. Had it not been for stumbling on the Twelves' blog, and left a comment years ago, I would have missed the opportunity that I now enjoy in another group, Tangled Textiles, that is the result of the Twelves' "pay it forward" attitude. A special thank you to Diane for your mentoring.

Kristin L said...


Vonda P said...

Have really missed your blogs and reveals. Hope you will challenge yourselves for us, your fans again. I will try to go see the northwest quilt expo. I am in Hawaii now and made sure the guild there has you book. They do and it is signed by one. 2011 seems a long time ago. I told a couple of gals to check it out. It is one of the most information, inspiration, and colorful reads out there. In my opinion. Thanks for all you do.